Smaller Government here we come, let’s start with the FAA

In the background noise of the budget and debt ceiling discussions, there has been another crisis that has gone unnoticed. For the last four years, Congress has failed to properly approve an operating budget for the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that is on the front lines of both the global economy and the global war on terror. As a result of this indecision recently, thousands of administration personnel have been furloughed, key infrastructure projects have been halted, and more tax payer dollars are being spent (not less) just to keep the agency operating at the bare minimum of safety. Conservatives and Tea Party activist often cite that the Founding Fathers never wanted their to be a big Federal Government, and while this is true their was also no such thing as an Airplane at the founding of this nation.  Government employees and agencies are not as expendable as we would like to think.


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Dick Sharpe

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