I think some have forgotten the meaning of this word, so I will just put this here.

In response the news that there is a new threat of attacks on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg had the following to say:

 “For ten years we have not allowed terrorists to intimidate us. … There is no reason for any of the rest of us to change our daily routines. Over the past ten years, [the NYPD] has helped thwart over a dozen potential attacks. The best thing we can do to fight terrorists is to refuse to be intimidated by it.”

However, it seems the mayor’s advice does not apply to his own city:

In New York, police commissioner Ray Kelly outlined a series of stepped-up security measures the NYPD would undertake, even beyond those already in progress in preparation for the tenth anniversary of Sept 11th [in response to the new threat].
“We will be holding personnel, holding our tours,” said Kelly. By adding four hours to those tours he effectively increased the amount of cops on duty by a third.
He indicated increased vehicle checkpoints would be in effect, and that more bomb dogs and radiation detectors would be in use. “The public is likely to see and maybe somewhat inconvenienced by vehicle check points at various locations throughout the city,” said Kelly.
There will be also be stepped up bag searches, towing of illegally parked cars and increased police presence on the ferries, Kelly said.

“We do live in a world where we must take these threats seriously and we certainly will,” said Bloomberg.

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