Step Aside Nation-State, Welcome the Market-State

Nation State: A construction of government that responds to the needs of citizens through voting and representation, the goal of which provides for the welfare of citizens by means of public goods, such as free education, universal franchise, and social security.

Market State: A government that is less influenced by representation and voting and more responsive to the needs of the market. The primary function of the market-state is to increase opportunities to its citizens by privatizing public goods.

If you have ever wondered what the future will be like, it will look like a market-state. For those  die-hard liberals who are saying “Oh no, we can’t let this happen”. It is too late the market-state is already here.

Phillip Bobbitt, prominent constitutional theorists, professor at Columbia University, and former Intelligence Counsel to President Clinton, is one of the leading scholars studying the emerging market state. Now, Bobbitt is not a right-wing big business-first pundit with a politcal agenda. Bobbitt claims that he is as nostalgic as anyone at the loss of the nation state, but as an academic his job is to study the past, explain the present, and infer the possible near future.  His study into the current state of the world comes from his award-winning book The Shield of Achilles. The thesis is that the time of the nation-state died with the end of the Long-war that stretched from the beginnings of the First World War and ended with fall of the Soviet Union. His books warns that the near future is not going to resemble the near past. Bobbitt delivers a series of well-rounded research topics on the state of the world economy, wars and other conflicts, as well as the relation of governments with their citizens. He combines history with law and politics seamlessly in a way that will teach you about the past, help you understand the present, and warn you about the future.

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Dick Sharpe

Dick Sharpe is among that rare breed of men who crawled their way out of the gutter and in to the academic and political elite. Despite this accomplishment, Dick retains his sharpe wit and sense of low-brow humor that makes him such a great contributor to Step Aside Show Blog and Podcast. Although Dick is a wicked charmer, whose sexual exploits are still the talk of Yale, Columbia, and a small town in a northern border province of Iraq, he is also a domesticated man living with with two handsome yet annoying sons and his wicked hot but equally annoying wife in Seattle. Dick is an accomplished academic writer, an award-winning poet and a self-proclaimed wordsmith, a battle-tested Combat Officer of the US Army, as well as a world-renowned alcoholic. Working mostly in the public sector, Dick continues to use his unique set of skills to better the life of his fellow compatriots. Mr. Sharpe’s ideological beliefs are a bit at odds within themselves at times he is strong believer in social programs and liberal rights while at the same time a strong believer in neo-liberal economic policies and the power of the free market to shape the political landscape. Put simple Dick Sharpe is the kind of man men wish they could be, and women wish they can be with, but the truth is they can’t because there is only room enough for one Dick Sharpe in the World.