Occupy Wall Street VS. The Tea Party

I know what you’re thinking, the two movements could not be more opposite, and you’re right, but not really. Let’s step back to the dark days just after Obama became president, when it seemed that right-wing political rule in Washington was a thing of the past. At that time a small grass-roots movement sprang up in rural areas around the country and slowly built momentum over the course of the next two years. Their message was unclear at first, mostly the wanted lower taxes, later they came to oppose everything that came from the Obama administration, namely Health Care Reform. At times their efforts were labeled as latently racist or political slander. Despite this, the efforts of the Tea Party culminated in the midterm elections of 2010 where right-of-center politicians, some linked heavily to the Tea Party, gained a majority in the House of Representatives and split the Senate. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is similar to the early stages of Tea Party in that it is a grass roots movement, it lacks clearly defined goals, has spread nationwide, and is in opposition to a definable political body (right wing politics). There are significant differences between the two however, the Tea Party was dominated by older middle class Americans, Occupiers have a younger base, Tea Party started from humble means but became organized, and the Occupation seems less organized as it is made up of fewer professionals with organizational skills. The question is, will the occupation movement have the same political effect in the coming election that the Tea Party had in the mid terms.


The New York Times

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