Farewell Iraq, and Good Luck

Two important events happen this week that symbolize the changing Geo-political landscape of the world. First, the Libyan rebels literally beat the life out of their long-standing dictator, and President Obama declared  that in two short months Americans will  completely withdraw from  Iraq. These two event represent that the old days of imperial invasions and occupations are a thing for the history books. Today countries are free to determine their own political futures, but the due to the complexities of the global-capitalist economy they will never fully control  their economies. The Brown O’Bomber’s decision to withdraw troops comes as a shock to many, considering the fact that the US still maintains bases in all the countries we occupied in the last century with the exception of Vietnam (Germany, Japan, Korea, and Kuwait). However this century is different, like I said invasions and occupations are no longer in the Foreign Policy Play Book. A lot of pundits have stated worries about Iran’s influence in Iraq, Iran being the only other Shia dominated nation. This I believe is of little concern. Due to the new embargoes and sanctions against them, Iran is likely to suffer at the hands of the global economy, once it gets growing again. Further, it is just that, the economy will be the driveing force for change in Iraq, not outside political influence. When Saddam was in power Iraq was a Social (if not quasi-Communist) Renter State, the government owned oil provided for all food, jobs, and services in the state and quiet inefficiently; as it usually is in social states that lack competition and profit motive. Today Iraq is a pea-tree dish for classic economics, the opening up of Iraqi citizens to the market and the global market to the Iraqis will grow the country and take them to new heights.  Example, the most profitable natural resource in Iraq after the invasion was not oil but the cell phone coverage. Prior to the invasion Saddam did not allow cell phones, so it was the only nation on the map without a cell phone provider.  Today cell phones are the primary mode of communication in Iraq and have spawned booming market for time card sellers. The increased communication has also enabled farmers and merchants to rely prices in real time thus increasing the life-blood of capital markets efficiency and productivity. In short it is Iraq’s transformation into a capitalist Market-State that will thwart outside influence and may even draw border nations into the market themselves either through black-market cross-border dealings or under-the-table political maneuvers.


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Dick Sharpe

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