Greece to EU “We’re Fucked”, EU to Greece “No, You’re Fucked”

It has become apparent that Greece, a nation that was once the epicenter for statecraft and mercantile trade, doesn’t understand the new complexities of the global free-market. This week the G7 and the European Union leaders offered an austerity and debt forgiveness plan that would enable the Greek nation to stave off a massive depression and desegregation of the Euro. To this, the Greece prime minister rolled out from under a pile of prostitutes shook of his wine induced hangover and said (and I paraphrase)” Well I don’t know about this yet me see who every single one of my citizens feels about this plan and I’ll get back to you”. The EU leaders retorted “Balls to that, agree or your out of the Union.” To this the Greek Prime responded ” Wow hold the fuck on, this no time to panic we can work something out.”

" My name is Ab-o-lonious, this is my cousin Buns-o-stealious"

I would like to take this time to point out that none of this is factual. But if I learned anything from the film 300 it’s that all Greeks have six pack abs, speak in Scottish accents, and are the baddest mother-fuckers that ever lived. Come to think about it I learned nothing from the film 300. Ok, but I have also seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and from this movie I have learned that Greeks are fat and ugly people who have lots of fat ugly children that they force to marry other fat ugly Greek people. Oh, they also believe that Windex will fix any health problem you have. (Where was I going with this?)

Ok back to reality,

Greece was a corner stone to holding back the Axis powers during World War 2, as well as a key western ally against the USSR in the Cold War and most recently a valued member of the European Union (the largest trading blockade in the modern free market). What this history suggests is that Greece has become accustomed to being the red-headed stepchild of Europe. They were allowed to be lackadaisical in their balance of payments and balance of trades as well as their overly generous social projects. But it has become time to balls up or bow out.


For further information on this subject I suggest you see the movie My Life in Ruins

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