Holes in Swiss Bank – Credit Suisse Spills the Cheese

Well well well, it looks like tax evaders have lost one of their long, trusted hideaways for that hard-earned untaxed income. Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s second largest bank, has apparently been sending letters to clients that are currently being investigated and sought by the I.R.S. for unpaid taxes. This is a great step forward for a country whose top 1% of earners are mostly scumbags and tax evaders. Alright, maybe not scumbags, but the latter is mostly true. It’s certainly interesting that a country that stood idly by while Nazis invaded all of their neighbors in the name of neutrality is turning over the names of wealthy Americans at the fierce fist of the United States Department of Justice. Are we (America) scarier/more threatening than Nazis? Hahaha, probably not. But maybe.