Which Came First the Egg or Roe v. Wade

 Yesterday, a majority of Mississippi voters sided against the proposed ordinance to define “personhood” as a fertilized human egg, and thereby criminalizing certain types  of contraceptives and abortions. I often chose not to weigh in on moral issues such as a women’s right to choose, however this particular issue was for decades drawn into the political arena and often weaponiezed by the extreme right, which makes it far game for political punditry. I always find it interesting that the party that promotes free markets for consumers and corporations to make their own choices as well as a smaller government is also in to political camp that wants to regulate activities in individual’s bedrooms. 

Firstly, I am pleased that this issue did not pass because frankly I do not think we need any more Mississippians in this country. Secondly because I don’t should not be up to a third party voting majority to decide moral issues for the voting minority as well as the none voting population (the latter two of which often equal a larger portion of the population then the former).  Finally, I would like to point out that pro-life advocates, while I respect their right to voice opinions and make their own choices, lack the understanding that women have the agency to control their own bodies without laws to guide and punish them. If women lacked this agency, then I would not have had to wear condoms for the first year that I dated my wife. This was not my choice, I hate condoms and prefer a contraceptive-pill/pull-out method, but it was a mutual agreement in our relationship that I would wear a condom in return for the right/enjoyment to have sex with her. I know in my own experience with marriage that if a woman does not want to have a baby she can make that happen, and when she does want to have a baby there is nothing that can stand in her way either. Women know what they want or do not want and they have to power to make it happen. The agency of women is powerful enough to make men do all sort of things, such as being forced to endure all those fucking Twilight movies.

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Dick Sharpe

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