It Ain’t Over Yet: Occupy Wall Street Marches On and Police Respond

In an obvious response to Brooklyn Steve’s projection that the popular Occupy Wall Street movement was dead, several thousand protesters took to the streets of New York to personally prove him wrong. It seems that the liberal protesters have figured out that the key to winning a political war is through media saturation. This is an election year after all. This all means that the days of grabbing headlines with a few smelly bums sleeping in a small city park are over. So what gets headlines, cops pepper spraying old ladies seems to work for the Occupy Seattle spin-off protestors. This tactic continues to grab headlines as the Mayor of Seattle formally apologized to the 84-year-old liberal activist and suggested that the Seattle Police review their actions. In that protest Seattle Police arrested 6 protestors (the old lady was not one of them). New York, not to be out done by the Starbucks city, had hundreds of protestors arrested today. Its seems that Police have to sit down with public officials a comprise a clear plan that will allow peaceful protest but maintain the safety of the public at large, because if not there is going to be a lot more tity grabbing (see below) and grandma bashing to come.



 Seattle Time

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