5 Hottest Women of Congress

Just looking at those eyes stimulates my package

1. Kristi Noem, South South Dakota 6th District Republican-

This sultry Congresswoman with fire in her eyes is in her freshman year, having been voted in office in the last election. Interesting facts: this buxom brunette lacks a bachelors degree (she’s working on that), and has over 27 violations for speeding.  Kristi has a similar yet more youthful look to the familiar Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin type.

I wonder if her carpet matches my drapes?

2. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Junior Senator Democrat-

This beautiful blond is a political power house. After her legal career helped Hillary Clinton get elected to the Senate seat, she now rests her plump ass in the Senate. Kristen also held a seat in the House of Representatives after beating out a long time Republican incumbent, which is no easy feat. Kirsten proves that the Republicans don’t hold the monopoly of hotness.

I like to mack you, Babe!

3. Mary Bono Mack,  California, 44th district Republican-

I know nothing about Mary, except that she is a hot Congresswoman,  and is the widower of the failed singer/skier Sonny Bono. She comes from California where popularity and looks always trumps political acumen. That withstanding, Mack is also a strong proponent of clean energy technology and protecting American farmers.

I would like to pork her barrel legislation

4. Loretta Sanchez,  47th District of California-

Loretta, the lovely Latin Lolita,  is a second generation American who grew up in Anaheim not knowing English, and credits American exceptionalism for her political success.  Loretta is the real deal; she works hard and produces some real legislation and policy reform for California’s immigrant population.

I would like to default all over her debt ceiling

5. Michele Bachman, Minnesota 6th District-

Michele does have a hot body to go along with her hot button Conservative Tea Party rhetoric.  This anti-big government and anti-taxation zealot comes in last because she also has the look of a crazy bitch. But what can I say, I am working with a small demographic.

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