The Elegant Alec Baldwin

It is well known by now that Alec Baldwin had a meltdown on an American Airlines flight, and was removed from the plane after his behavior forced the aircraft to return to the gate.

Baldwin decided to address the incident in his Huffington Post blog, where he started with an apology to his fellow passengers. Just when it looked like Baldwin was going to act as a responsible adult, he reverted to his typical arrogant behavior and spewed a load of written vomit, blaming the FAA and airlines for making traveling inelegant. If there is anyone who knows about elegance, it’s without a doubt the man who told his 11-year-old daughter she was a “rude, thoughtless little pig” via voicemail.

Baldwin continued down the path of stupidity when he went on SNL to poke fun at the incident. There are times where you have to laugh at your mistakes and move on – I believe this was not one of those instances. Baldwin didn’t have a disagreement, he threw a full-blown tantrum, which included storming off to the bathroom and slamming the door so hard the pilots became alarmed. Storming off and slamming doors when you didn’t get your way…I’m sorry I got off track, am I writing a parenting column about unruly young children?

And I have to say, I truly appreciate Baldwin’s argument for continuing to use his phone after being asked to put it away: “I pulled out my phone again, while others did the same”. Baldwin’s blog post opens with “my confusion began when…” Well, here’s my confusion, Alec; you don’t want to be singled out by the airline attendant, yet you want special treatment to break the rules to use your phone when such activity is prohibited. My apologies, other people were using their phones? Clearly Baldwin needs to be reasoned with on a childhood level, as he simply cannot comprehend the adult version; if all those people jumped off a bridge, would you do the same, Alec?

If you are so important you can’t shut off your phone for a few hours – don’t fly.  When you sit down on an aircraft, you are well aware of the regulations.  If you can’t handle the rules, use an alternate form of transportation.  (Although Greyhound buses are out of the question too, according to Baldwin, as this also made the “inelegant” list.)

Let’s be fair though, Alec did bring up a good point when he stated, “many people have a lot of important work to do, by phone, and would like to do so till the last possible minute”. Yes, Hollywood would never be the same if he didn’t play that triple word with the “Z” tile.

(Photo: Universal Pictures)