Is Preventing Election Fraud a form of Election Rigging?


The right for all American Citizens to vote is one of the sacred tenets of the US Constitution, and one that make the US a beacon of dysfunctional democracy. After Rebulicans won control over many state leguislatures in the last election cycle many states have been passing bills to restrict the rights of voters by asking for ID at the polls. Critics of these laws claime they discriminate against the poor, homeless, minority, very old, and very young voters, all of whom have the right to vote but are less likely to have a state issued ID card. Interestingly enough most of the recent Occupy Wall Street protestors fall into this very youthful,  impovershed, ethinic, and often smelly catigory. This demographic also tends to vote heavily democratic, so it is logical that state conservatives would want to resticrt their access to the voteing block.


These laws are all created in the guise of protecting against voter fraud, which is a crime all but unheard of in the legal system because the risk does not outway the reward. Remember that most Americans, like basement Rob, don’t even bother to vote on election day let alone try to rig the election in favor of a candidate.But really can’t these politicains try at least to win these votes out right through campiagning and policy changes that reflect the demographic of thier constituetcy rather than taking away their constitutional rights. In the end, is that even really considered winning a seat in congress,where your sole job is to “up hold and defend the Constitutions”, if you aquired that seat by restricting the constitutional rights of your fellow Americans.


When an Indiana voter ID law was challenged in the Federal Supreme Court, the vote fell on party lines and held up the state’s requirement that voters must show a vailded state ID or appear at the court house a week before the election to sign a sworn statment. Manny in the court cases said that this case came down to either protecting the canidates against voter fraude, which several justices expressed there was a lack of evidence supporting its frequency, and protecting against the disenfranchiesment of a small population of voters.

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