Mittens Romney a True 1 Percenter?









There is a lot of focus on the Storm’in Mormon Mittens Romney’s finances, as he gets ready to publicly release his tax return information. Armed with his tax return statements, Romney’s rivals will likely label him as the top 1% of income earners to appeal to the anti wealth and exuberance sentiments of the now frozen Occupation Movement. While this is going on, I would like to point out who the first true 1 Percenters are, American Bikers. These Americans, once persecuted for their explicative antics, now embraced their titles and literally where them as a badge of honor. Perhaps, so to should top paid CEO’s.

The 1%er title came from the 1947 biker riot in Hollister California where a biker gang took over the town, stormed bars and brothels, and pillaged everything in sight like a marauderous gang of modern-day Vikings. This event, which inspired the movie “The Wild One” with Brando, lead the American Motorcycle Association to issue a statement claiming that 99% of motorcyclist are good citizens and that the other 1% is a criminal element that gives them all a bad reputation. Today the American Motorcycle Association claims no such statement was ever made publicly, however that has not stopped biker gangs coast to coast from proudly displaying their rightfully earned “1%er” patches.  To a professional criminal badass biker there is no greater honor then being labeled with this elite title by the very authorities that they rebel against.

This is a tactic I propose Mittens and other CEOs adopt for three reasons: First, he has been promoting his Business acumen as the cornerstone of his campaign for president. He should promote his accumulated wealth as a testament to his abilities as a leader and businessman.  Second, the republican dogma of tax policy promote the low tax rate he enjoys; if he does not defend his own tax benefits it will show that he has no guts to fight for what his party stands for. Third, while he may not have been the greatest CEO in the world, he was far from the worst and his companies did grow and earn profit. Therefore, he earned the money legally and that is what drives the global capitalist economy. The new 1%ers earn such exuberate wages because of globalization and the need to compete against businesses around the globe. For companies to find a man that can lead company and compete against all the other companies in the world requires exuberant incentives.

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