Mission to Mars: NASA’s Craziest Maneuver to Date

amee red planet total bitch
I sure hope the new rover doesn’t encounter AMEE – no rover should be subjected to such a bad movie

This Sunday, the latest and greatest NASA Mars rover will attempt to land on the martian surface. This isn’t the first time NASA has sent a rover to the red planet, but it is the first time it will attempt a crazy-ass landing procedure that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. I recommend you watch this 5 minutes video¬†and see the “Seven Minutes of Terror”. The video is unbelievably¬†dramatic, particularly with its music selection. However it is still totally worth watching and seeing the latest Mission to Mars from Earth. Never before has the space agency had to rely on such a complicated landing procedure to explore Mars. And given all the steps involved on making a successful landing one can’t not think of something going terribly wrong.

By the way, how bad was Red Planet? And Mission to Mars for that matter. How has Hollywood not made a good movie about Mars? Email us at stepasideshow @ gmail . com and tell us which one is worse. I say Red Planet, mainly because of the hissing, bitchy robot above. But also because of country singing fool Val Kilmer.