Hipsters in Montauk – Can’t Wait to see the Muppet Variation

hipster trap
Hipster Trap. Careful though, if you take your eyes off of them they will disappear!

Hipsters. What exactly is a hipster you ask? Well, they’re the modern day beat or grunge counter-culture (I’ve always hated the term “counter-culture” by the way. Wouldn’t every culture outside of one’s own family be counter-culture?) They are the skinny-jean-wearing, fedora-topped, cheap-neon-plastic-sunglasses-equipped young adults you see on the subway and at the movie theaters. You may look at them and think passive-aggressive, but once you really get to know them they’re more snarky than anything. Most of them hate American consumerism, but most of them tote around an iPhone and wear “vintage clothing” that I would guess is made in sweatshops. Ironic really. They drink Pabst-Blue-Ribbon beer because society doesn’t want them too, at least that’s my guess. Really they are just offending those who think PBR is a trash beer and offending those who actually like PBR because “who are these assholes drinking my beer?”

Anyway, the point of this post is really to comment on a recent New York Times “Fashion and Style” piece titled Montauk’s Hipster Fatigue. Montauk, for the uninformed, is the eastern most town on Long Island, east of the ritzy Hamptons, but with a little less money in the local’s pockets. I’m not saying they’re poor, they are not. I’m just saying they wish they lived in East Hampton. The article comments on how hipsters venture all the way out east to party on the public beaches in their fedora’s and trash the beaches. They’re so-so attitude drives the locals crazy, who have started a “Save Montauk” movement to clean up the trash (I guess literally and figuratively). I can empathize with the locals, it must suck to have your environment overturned by hypocritical douchebaggery. The funniest part of the article though, as quoted by a Montauk local – “Now I know how the Indians felt”. Classic Long Island.