Paul Ryan Rages Againts the Machine

Paul Ryan Rages Againts the Machine

Paul Ryan is full of alot of things, missunderstandings is one of them. Paul Ryan the new repulican vice-presidential hopeful profess to like the music of Rage Against the Machine, he claims to not understand the lyrics. Apparently he does not understand the name of the band either.  When Paul Ryan Rages Againts the Machine just what does the machine  look like in his head? Is it big government, poor people on medicare, those states that make noodleing illegal?

No one was more thirlled by this than Rage Front man Tom Morello, who just yesturday penned a response to this news. “Paul Ryan’s love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades.” Tom puts Ryan in good company, by comparing his missunderstanding to Charles Mansons love of the Beatles and Chris Christies love of Bruce Springsteen.  Tom furthur zings Ryan in this quote “Ryan claims that he likes Rage’s sound, but not the lyrics. Well, I don’t care for Paul Ryan’s sound or his lyrics.” If you enjoyed those quotes you should  read the full article (linked below), to see more of Tom’s zingers, proses, and analogies.


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