The Apple Rolls Downhill – The Steve Jobs Myth

Steve Jobs
Last Known Photo of the Myth that is Steve Jobs

If you listen to our show, you may actually think I’m a strong Apple hater. This is not the case – I just present myself that way in front of Basement Rob to try and get him fired up. Since 2004 my personal computer has been a Mac of some kind and it will continue to be that way for the forseeable future (hell, Basement Rob was a hater until I annoyingly shoved my plastic Macbook down his throat!)

So today I write to complain about this article in Forbes, that says very clearly if Steve Jobs were still around, iOS 6 never would have been released. This sentiment exists mainly because of some amusing bugs in the recently released Apple Maps application, which forcefully replaces the Google Maps application that used to be standard in iOS. The writer asks:

If Steve Jobs was alive, would he have introduced Apple Maps with rough edges?  Did the meticulousness that went into Apple products die with Steve Jobs?  Has Apple squandered the trust of users built up by Steve Jobs over years in one swoop?

Then he says “These are the important questions for Apple investors to ponder.” Really? I’m pretty sure the only question Apple investors are asking right now is “when will this baby hit $1000!?”. Don’t be so fucking naive Forbes – Steve Jobs was around when they released the iPhone 4 for Christ’s sake – remember that debacle?