The Abortion Solution

Typically, I’m not great at coming up with solutions to the problems we talk about on this blog or on the podcast. I’m great at pointing out all the problems with politics and society, yet when it comes to actually coming up with a good idea to solve that problem, I got nothing (I think this qualifies me for Congress!). However, after discussing my previous post yesterday on the podcast and thinking about it some more, I’ve finally come up with a reasonable solution (a 3-point plan) to the abortion “debate” in this country.

1. First, outlaw abortion. Sorry ladies, you’re just going to have to go through with it.

2. Next, compile a list of all American citizens that are pro-life. We’ll call it the National Registry for Life, or, the NRL.

3. Finally, round-robin all the unwanted children in this country to the people on the NRL list.

I’d give it 12 hours before this country is¬†unanimously¬†pro-choice under my plan.