How Much Does Karl Rove Earn to Sound Like a Douchebag?

Karl Rove

If you’re anything like me (and you’re probably not), then you probably spend a lot of time trolling through the Wall Street Journal Opinion section. Why? Sometimes out of boredom. Sometimes looking for something to write about on this blog. But most of the time, it’s the headlines and the authors that catch my attention. Either the headline is so outlandishly ridiculous, I have to read it. Or the author is someone “notable”, in which case I must read it as well.

Well for the past couple months, Karl Rove (most notable for being Chief of Staff to the worst president in a generation) has been writing post after post declaring Mitt Romney the next president of the United States. For instance, on October 3rd, he wrote a piece about how we cannot trust the poll numbers, ┬ábecause at that time Obama was ahead. He cited some polling evidence from the 1980 election to prove his point. Then yesterday, October 31st, Rove posts a piece called “Sifting through the Numbers for a Winner“, by citing a number of polls that have Romney ahead and winning the election. How convenient for Rove that the polls he cites are favoring Romney. My question is, how many articles of blabbering bull shit do you promise to your top donors to earn that fat paycheck from American Crossroads?