What, the New York Post is Biased?

All this news paper needs is a hobo to wrap around.

Media Mogul and renown shithead Rupert Murdoch threw a Hail Mary pass right in to the cheap seats today when the Post, his New York based News Paper, published a picture worthy of the Facebook MEME from your conservative army buddy. The Post, which most New Yorkers use as a makeshift blanket or to line the bottoms of their bird cages, is the print version of Fox News, which most old men turn on in the background while they drink prune juice, clean their guns, and warn kids to stay off their lawn (Eastwood). Murdoch, the raisin faced vanguard of the conservative media has a moral-political compass so fucked that back in the Republican Primaries he supported Rick Santorum. For those of you don’t remember Santorum is a fanatic religious zealot whose last name is synonymous with anal secretion. Seriously, Google it. What else do you have to do today?

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Dick Sharpe

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