A Valuable Lesson

The President of the United States of America

On November 6th, 2012, Republicans should have learned a valuable lesson. This country no longer belongs to White Men. With victories in the Senate and not to mention the Presidential election, Republicans should start to realize that they have to not only come to the table but to start actively addressing Latinos and Women. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party threw away this opportunity. Coming out against Roe vs. Wade, Rape comments, Self Deportation, opposing the Auto Bailout. These are not the ways to win elections.

Marijuana Legalization passed in 2 states, Marriage Equality passed in 4 states, Tea Party candidates ousted. Clearly this country is becoming more liberal. And now with the reelection of Barack Obama, a possible 2 supreme court judges could join the fray making this the first liberal Supreme Court in over 40 years.

Republicans must become more liberal in order to keep up with the times. Otherwise, they could go the way of the Whigs. I believe Republicans realize this and it’s only good news for us Liberals. Today, John Boehner even went as far as to say they are willing to come to the table. Only time will tell if he keeps his word. But in any case, I am very excited and interested in the future of this Great Country.