The Rise of the Big Boehner

What the Fuck is he wearing? Dude, this picture made laugh more on election day than Karl Rove’s respones to Fox News calling Ohio for Obama.

The only Republican that didn’t spend election night in a fit of rage or cuddled up with his thumb and blankly in a tear soaked sob is also then newly crowned leader of conservative hope Big Boehner. I know that this blog often appears left leaning; however we have had some very positive things to say about the performance and ideology of the current Speaker of the House. The most famous and revered speakers have always been the few that came from the opposite political parties as their President (Tipp O’Neil, Newt Gingrich, and Nancy Pelosi).Big  Boehner who came close to a Grand Bargain with president Obama before now has the next two months to figure one out again. And I have to say I think he is the only man that can get it done this time around. The last time he tried he was dealing with a strong Republican Party that was inflated with their mid-term election wins and Tea Party fanfare. Now Boehner has a wounded party that is searching for leadership.

What this Grand Bargain will include is at issue, the lines will be drawn over taxing the affluent and cutting spending needy. The conversation of which everyone should be familiar with, but the complexities of which Boehner had tried to engineer a tax revenue increase that looked like a tax rate cut was so underhandly ingenious the first time around leads me to believe that this is going to be a true bargain with something for each side. I think true conservatives, who are currently stocking up on ammo in fear of the new brown socialist overlord, will be unlikely to side with Boehner so quickly. However, anyone who truly understood the valuable lesson learned last Tuesday will quickly fall in line with their newly invigorated leader.

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