One Coin, One Trillion Dollars, and One Big Set of Balls



In an age where compromise is scarce, creativity and guts is worth their weight in platinum, the idea of using Trillion Dollar Coin from the US mint to allow the US Treasury to guarantee payment on the Nations Debt is just that. Anyone who says this coin is a ridicules option lives in a world of denial where the Debt Ceiling is not a ridicules process. These are also the same people that missed the first day of Economics class in college, where the professor explained that the modern world stopped using commodities as currency half a century ago. The same shitheads also made the following Fox News Graphic:


If used by the Obama Administration this option would also deweaponize the the Debt Ceiling deadline which the House Republicans have used a leverage to force cuts in social programs like Social Security and Medicare. This is all in the name of lowering the National Deficit, which is no longer a problem according to one of the most credible economists in the world.

And if your one of the few intellectual people that think the trillion dollar coin idea sounds too simple to you, then there is a dumber idea. That is that the president can issue I.O.U. which will act like debt coupons but not count against the debt ceiling. This works because people have taken the simple act of counting money and replaced it with a complicated system called “Accounting”. (Accounting is when Gingotts goblins summon up new words for simple things in order to avoid doing things like paying taxes or defaulting on debt payments.)

The fact that people are actual coming up with these notions tells us one thing. The system of governance in this country is fucked. Knowing that republicans will demand spending cuts on already hamstrung social programs in order to raise the Debt Ceiling, and even then it will only happen in the 11th hour bringing the financial markets down the creek with them, there is no option but for the Executive Branch to act unilaterally.

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