The New Tech Bubble – Writing About Tech


David Pogue, long time technology columnist for the New York Times is leaving the news giant to work for once Internet giant Yahoo, to start a consumer technology news site. Unless you’re a tech nerd (and even if you are), you do not care about any of this. I don’t regularly read Pogue’s stuff, not because I don’t like him, but because his stuff his boring to me. Pogue writes about tech stuff in such a way that anyone can understand it, which is great for communicating technology news to the masses. The only problem is the masses are not that interested in tech news.

There are more tech sites than you can possibly dream of: Engadget, TechCrunch, Anandtech, CNet, TWiT, Gizmodo, All Things D, ZDNet – and this is not including major news publication tech columns and this is not including a dozen Apple dedicated tech sites. I often wonder how half of these blogs even stay in business, then I realize most of them are owned by huge content conglomerates (with the exception of TWiT, which is user-funded (or at least was back when I was paying attention)). The point is, this is a saturated market, and it keeps growing to a non-growing market. All Things D just announced its founder and gadget reviewer are leaving to start a new tech news venture, though it has yet to be named. ¬†Rather than do the responsible thing and research if any of my thoughts or opinions have any valid merit, I’m just going to join the bubble. So today I am proudly announcing the newly formed “Step Aside Technology Blog”:


This fits inline nicely with our podcast change to be less political and more general news oriented.  And hey, check out my first post!