Michael Grimm – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Just expressing my first amendment rights when I say this guy is purely made from dicks and assholes
Just expressing my first amendment rights when I speculate this guy is purely made from dicks and assholes

I am unfortunate enough to have once been considered one of this clown’s constituents. Even before Grimm made any one of his public gaffes, I had problems with the guy and his office. I had been the victim of senseless abuse by the US Department of State while applying for a passport. A small percentage of US citizens who apply for passports are subjected to an excess of information gathering by the US State Department. The departments passport office asks for an entire life history, down to where you were baptized (not a joke, they actually asked that question). There are a couple of sites that claim this procedure is highly illegal by the government, and even a scant few congressmen have questioned the department about the practices. When I asked my congressman’s office what the hell it was all about and why I had to do it, all I was told was that it’s because I had moved within the last two years. Apparently, changing your place of residence is synonymous with being a terrorist threat. The point is, I went to my congressman with what was a very obvious misuse of government power, and not only did his office not do anything, they did not even care.

Fast forward to 2014, and this clown has done it all. Let’s break down the timeline:

January 2012 – Rabbi arrested for shady campaign finances for Grimm’s 2010 run for congress

June 2012 – Grimm “threatens” democrat Steve Israel with a butter knife.

August 2012Grimm allegedly took an unplanned trip to Cyprus full of drinking and skinny dipping. It wouldn’t have been a huge deal had it not been for the fact the the trip was allegedly funded by possible campaign funds, for which a campaign adviser was later arrested.

October 2013Grimm allegedly bangs a chick in a public restroom at a wine bar in Brooklyn. This is by far the most disturbing point to me, not necessarily because of his actions, but because it happened in a wine bar that I used to go to and loved. It’s a tiny place with a small bathroom. I hate this guy.

January 2014Grimm is investigated for fraudulent campaign finances dating back to 2010.

January 2014 – Grimm threatens┬áto “break” reporter for asking a question about campaign finance investigation. The “apology” video in this link is particularly appalling, as he talks about fighting hard for his constituents. Bullshit, read the first paragraph congressman.

It’s all just wonderful because the guy has not served two full terms yet. Just imagine the career this guy is going to have, and all the crazy shit that will continue to be reported about him. And if you think any of this would impact his chances for re-election, think again. The majority of his constituents come from a little place called Staten Island – the only place stupid enough to re-elect this asshole.