Crazy Political Agendas in the Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

French Flag

It’s been about three days since the ISIS attacks on Paris and the United States media is still buzzing from it. A lot of the noise is basic updates regarding the attack, like the number of assailants, how they were killed, where some of them were from, and updates on the number of casualties. However, 72 hours is an eternity with regard to turning the unfortunate events into clickbait articles for zealots, and I’d like to hit on some of those.

  1. Blame the refugees – At least one of the terrorists had a passport that is traceable back to the flow of immigrant refugees that entered Europe via Greece. As a result, some are calling for the immediate closing of all borders between the middle east and Europe; this would be a devastating blow to humanity though. Hundreds of thousands of people are living in far greater within the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world, including those living in France. And it is legitimate fear, considering hundreds of thousands have been killed already, a number that is likely to continue growing for the foreseeable future. Now don’t get me wrong, the influx of refugees from these regions is a risk on behalf of the countries allowing them in, but the humanitarian reward is far greater than the risk. Also keep in mind, the mastermind of the attacks is a European national, and all the other terrorists known have been French or Belgian nationals as well. This attack was not the result of overt terrorist refugees, and disallowing refugees from entering Europe is highly unlikely to stop the next attack. If I am certain of anything with regard to this global mess of shit, it is these two things:
    1. Every member of ISIS should be burned alive while being fed their genitals
    2. Anyone living under a constant threat from ISIS in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan should be provided safe haven somewhere around the world, because no one, *regardless of religion*, should have to live with that fear.
  2. Islam *is* ISIS – This is probably the most offensive sentiment to come forward from this disaster, and that is that all of Islam is equatable to ISIS. This is so far beyond insanity I don’t even know where to begin… so let’s start 1000 years ago when the Pope (yes, the leader of Catholicism) called on Christians to militarize and seize the holy lands from Muslims, killing everyone that stood in their way (including lots of Jews). Along the way, crusaders would recruit young men (14 – 16 year olds) with the promise that fighting for the pope would guarantee you forgiveness from all sins and entry into the promised land. Sounds familiar yet?? Yeah it was 1000 years ago so it’s hard to judge, right? Well keep in mind 1000 years from now, just like the little blip from 10th grade history class spent learning about the crusades is exactly what people will be learning regarding the events of today. So stop wasting your energy hating billions of people when it’s an unbelievably small subset of radicals that are the problem. Also keep in mind, no religion is without its radicals, from KKK God-fearing “Christians” all the way to racist Buddhist monks in Myanmar. More than anything, these events will be remembered for its hate and hate inspired killing, just like the crusades.
  3. Obama’s Fault – The attack on Paris is as much Obama’s fault as 9/11 was President Bush’s fault. Arguably even less for Obama since he’s not sworn an oath to protect the people of France. If you want to really start playing the blame game, let’s blame Bush for invading Iraq in the first place which is largely responsible for creating ISIS. Nah forget that, let’s go back further and blame Bill Clinton for upholding economic sanctions in Iraq and keeping military troops in Saudi Arabia, two of the main motives behind the 9/11 attacks. Nope, not far back enough, we need to blame Bush Senior for imposing the sanctions and placing troops in Saudi Arabia in the first place. Actually, let’s blame the Reagan administration for initially arming Al-Qaeda in an attempt to kill Russians near the end of the cold war and then abandoning them as soon as the Berlin wall fell. Fuck it, let’s also blame President Truman for being president when the first order of the United Nations was to essentially create an independent Israel, a major source of butt-hurt for these terrorist assholes.

By now, hopefully you’re thinking “OK Mr.Smart Guy, what’s the solution?”, to which I will reply “fuck if I know”. As I said above, the only things I am certain about is that I want to see all of ISIS executed and in the meantime refugees granted safe haven. There are lots of renewed talks of sending ground troops into Syria to flush them out, which on the surface sounds great, but it’s also the same strategy from 14 years ago the created this recent problem. If you flush them all out of Syria and Iraq, they’ll move to Yemen, or Libya, or Pakistan. And then the second the troops leave Iraq and Syria the terrorists move right back in as if they never left. It’s not as easy as just sending troops in. It’s always nice to think all problems have simple solutions, but the reality is complicated problems often have complicated solutions.

If anything, try and take a step back and look at the situation as objectively as possible. Then and only then will you be able to see through all the zealot-feeding political hate and bullshit.