Step Aside Official Endorsement for President of the United States

Actual image of undecided voter
Actual image of undecided voter

This election has been crazy. Like, seriously crazy. So crazy that even Russia is getting involved. It’s certainly up there for the “Most divisive election” award, which is a tough honor to achieve because the past three presidential elections were no picnic either. But this election is arguably far more special and the American public has to decide not who is the best leader of the free world, no, we are left to decide which candidate is less shitty. Well, rest assured we at Step Aside were not going to leave you hanging, and we are proud to officially endorse Not Donald Trump!

Yeah, definitely not this asshole

There are a lot of reasons we could list as to how we came to this decision, but The Atlantic actually did a great job of that already, so go read that. Please, when you get into that voting booth, don’t vote for this guy. We’re not even suggesting you should vote for Hillary Clinton, just be sure to not vote for Drumpf. We don’t care if you write in Ross Perot (is that guy still alive? UPDATE: He is!), as long as you don’t pull that lever for the coke using, pussy grabbing, alleged rapist, 6 time company bankrupt, dozen time failed businessman, sleazeracist, and bigot that is Donald Trump.