Political Ideology is a Scam

The world of political ideology is wide ranging. There are more issues than one could possibly keep track of, yet somehow here in the United States we managed to divide them down in such a way that all positions are considered either “left” or “right”. How did that happen, is that how people are naturally wired? Is it just a gigantic coincidence that people’s feelings are so aligned perfectly to our two party system? Not a chance.

Our political parties are big business conducting never ending studies on people’s interest and adapting their stances on certain things while shifting the views of their base on others through vigorous campaigns. They are purposely divisive in order to energize their base supporters in order to raise the vast amount of money it takes to remain a viable political party by getting their members elected to office. And once those members take office their prime responsibility is to continue raising money for the party. For example, our congressional men and women spend at least half their working day sitting in a cubicle calling donors to send money for their party to support themselves and other candidates in the same party. Many members of congress have publicly complained about this, yet they are powerless to change it. And even more annoying is that many of us among the voting population know all this and continue to be powerless to put an end to it.  

It’s all very crazy. Personally, I am a registered voter but not registered to any party. Why? Because I am in favor of social safety nets like unemployment and welfare, I would love to see a single payer healthcare system, and I am also all for lower business taxes, free trade, and significant incentives for long term capital gains. How would the government pay for the social safety nets while keeping business taxes and capital gains incentivized? Via a more progressive personal income tax code and consumption taxes on non-life-essential products. More importantly than those issues I believe in not perpetuating hate. I believe in spreading positive energy and in effect that energy will be passed on in perpetuity. I believe in a world where tolerate does not have to mean acceptance and that’s OK. What does this make me? I don’t know, but I’m not conforming to a lousy party whose sole interest is maintaining its existence while pretending they represent *me*.