The Donald’s Whole-Hearted Honor to Dr. King

So sweet of President Elect Trump to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by tweeting about his legacy in 140 or less character. I’m sure Dr. King would be so honored that if he were alive today, he may even retweet the sincerity.

Or maybe Dr. King would sit back, and reflect on what the hell is going on. For instance, just this past weekend Trump used the very same platform to denounce Congressman John Lewis of Georgia,  who publicly announced he would be boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump. John Lewis was 18 years old when he met Dr. King, was one of the original 13 Freedom Riders, was arrested for peaceful protests more times than one could count on all their fingers and toes, and even spoke at the March on Washington beside Dr. King. Oh the irony.

Does the obvious racist sentiments of Trump stop there? Donald Trump nominated Senator Jeff Session to be the impartial Attorney General of the United States. Sessions is a man that could not get past the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 when nominated to be a judge by Ronald Reagan because of comments like the KKK is “OK until I found out they smoked pot.” or denouncing the NAACP because it was “shoving Civil Rights down peoples throats”. How dare they stick to their mission.

How about the fact that just 5 years after Dr. King was assassinated, Trumps father Fred Trump was sued by the Justice Departments Civil Rights Division for blatant racial discrimination in who Trump’s housing businesses rented apartments to. The National Urban League sent equally qualified renters, some white and some black, to apply to Trump owned apartments – can you guess who was not “qualified” to live in them?

Or the time Trump took out full page ads advocating for the death penalty for 5 black kids in NYC who were convicted for raping and beating a 28 year old woman? Well, maybe it’s not that terrible, people are strongly divided on the death penalty… oh wait it is because the kids sentence was vacated in 2002 when DNA evidence not only cleared the 5, but pointedly singled out the actual attacked who was already in prison for like. OK, he can’t be judged for something he didn’t know in 1989, but he can, because as of 2016 he still thinks the 5 black kids are guilty!

How about the fact that Trump refused to believe that Barack Obama was an American citizen because his father was born in Kenya until early 2016? And not only that, he blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the rumor 8 years prior!

Indeed President Elect Trump, let us all honor the legacy of Dr. King. Let’s just be sure not to follow your example.