Steve Bannon is a Fat Piece of Shit

Yeah, this guy

I don’t normally like to be so harsh on people, but since I’m nearly positive Bannon is Joseph Goebbels reincarnate, I’m going to make an exception.

Steve Bannon is an ex-Wall Street guy, which in some circles automatically makes him a “bad guy”, but I wouldn’t judge him too hard there – Wall Street employs hundreds of thousands of people both good and bad. He has an alleged history of anti-Semiticism, but even that to seems like a far stretch given the pro-Isreal nature of Breitbart, as well as some in his close circle being Jewish.

Instead, Steve Bannon is first and foremost a fat piece of shit because of his status with Breitbart. Rather than paste a list of examples that make Breitbart a shitty aggregator of hateful posts, Huff-Po already has done that dirty work. Worse than this is the personal views of how Bannon sees the world, which was wonderfully transcribed by Buzz Feed back in November. It’s long, so I’ll give you some of the highlights:

  • The world needs more Judeo-Christian values in government because the world is in crisis.
  • “I certainly think secularism has sapped the strength of the Judeo-Christian West to defend its ideals” – while answering a question about the state of Islam, by the way
  • He sees Putin’s use of Russian nationalism as a model of good governance that the US should follow (though he does mention Russia’s model of state-capitalism as its shortcomings)
  • Opens his speech by talking about it being 100 years since the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and how that sparked World War I, but completely fails to recognize the incredibly high tensions of the world at that time because of hyperbolic nationalism throughout all of Europe.

He also talks a lot about crony capitalism in the US being a shitty thing, which I happen to agree with. But before he even steps into the Oval Office with Trump, his administration brokers a deal with United Technologies in Iowa by giving them $7 million in tax breaks to save fewer than 1000 jobs that will eventually be replaced by robots. And most recently, he continued his very calculated battle against the “main stream media” by saying in an interview that the media needs to keep its mouth shut because it doesn’t understand the US as much as Trump and Bannon do, because if they did they would have been able to predict Trump’s election. I’m guessing Bannon is an alternate fact type guy and believes Trump would have won the popular vote as well if it hadn’t been for those pesky imaginary illegal voters, because otherwise he would understand the majority of the country is not on his side.

Fuck off you fat piece of shit. Period.