Donald Trump is a Coward and the GOP are Soulless Cunts

I was trying to think of ways to cleverly sugar coat this post and not be so blatant in the title, but fuck it. The time for discretion is long past since we now have a pathological liar in chief wandering the White House in his robe. Plus, I’ve learned the best way to communicate is to be as straight up as possible, hence Donald Trump is a coward and the GOP are soulless cunts.

Let’s start with the GOP being the soulless cunts that they are, because why not. Betsy DeVos, the controversial cabinet pick for the Secretary of Education, bought her position. Some may argue they like her ideas for boosting market based education and charter and private schools, and that would be a fair argument if she was not an incompetent moron. I’d link you to the countless videos and articles displaying her incompetence while being confirmed, but you have all seen them by now (or chose not to watch because you are a goddamn sheep of a human being, believing anything and everything the GOP will throw your way). But that did not matter, all that matters is that she has donated nearly $200 million dollars to GOP campaigns over the last 30 years, using money she inherited from her father, the creator of one of the biggest pyramid schemes in American history. Every GOP senator that voted for DeVos voted out of obligation because of campaign contributions, not at all based on merit and this makes them soulless cunts. The GOP preaches hard work will help you earn the “American Dream”, but really they’re saying you can also inherit lots of cash from shady business practices and buy the American Dream right from the United States government. Soulless cunts.

Now, Donald Trump being a coward. Muslim terrorists are scary, so let’s combat them by keeping all Muslims out of the United States (you know, the “ban” that’s not a ban, the one federal courts keep blocking). This absolutely makes Donald Trump a coward. 22% of the world’s population is Muslim, and 99.99999999% of them are not terrorists. I realize that people brought up in predominately Muslim countries are taught to hate Americans from a very early age and to not tolerate any religion other than Islam, but this is not a good reason to keep Muslims out of the United States. If anything it is reason to invite more in. The United States is home to the most tolerant laws in the world, where people are (supposed to) free from prosecution based on beliefs and religion. The right road to fixing the problem of extremist terrorism is to fight those involved in murderous ways overseas and welcome all those who are interested in our freedom into our country. I know it sounds scary, but doing the heroic thing can be scary, that’s why it is the heroic option. The Trump (Bannon) plan of waging war on Islam is not only the wrong path, it will be judged harshly by history, and Trump will go down as the biggest coward to hold office. And not to mention that this policy is a sure fire way of pissing off Muslims around the world, increasing the risk for future terror attacks and starting new conflicts / wars as well.

Finally, though this was not mentioned in the title of the post, let’s also be clear about another thing; Donald Trump is a fucking moron. Yes, I know it is shocking to hear and might come as a surprise, but alas I must pull the curtains so that you can see the truth, and that truth is that Donald Trump is not just a coward, but a fucking moron as well. Donald Trump’s ideas of creating a bigger United States economy is to shut out immigrant workers contributing to the high United States production value, as well as raise taxes on imported goods. Think about this – Trump wants to lower production by getting fewer qualified workers into the United States for industries that are hurting to find qualified people (medical, tech, etc), not to mention keep out real low-skilled labor for jobs most Americans are not willing to do (farming), and then increase the prices on all goods that come from overseas, all in the name of “job growth”. Well, brilliant. Now we’ll either have lots of empty seats for skilled labor, or unqualified people performing those jobs (lower production in either case). And as far the low skill jobs, employers will have to pay more just to get people to work those jobs, which will increase the prices in those specific markets, which will counter the tariffs imposed on the competition from overseas. These plans will most certainly lower the GDP of America, giving China the fast track option to be the clear production leader in the world, and shorten the gap between us and countries like Russia and India.

The only shining light here is the fact that most of the soulless cunts in Congress and in the Senate know this about the economy, and won’t let Trump get too far with it. Trust me when I say the soulless cunts won’t block such extreme “jobs creation” policies because it’s the right thing to do, but are simply doing it because their campaign contributions are all coming from people who would be hurt the most by a shrinking United States economy. Thus they get to keep the title of soulless cunts for at least another 2 to 4 years. And Donald Trump will continue being the fucking moron coward that he is, until we’re lucky enough that he breaks a law, gets impeached, so we could be left with our soulless cunt of a VP as president.