America Turns Back on Supportive Iraqis, Now They’re Going to Die

Out of fear of importing terrorists, the US has stopped issuing visas to Iraqis who aided Coalition Forces. Wow, who saw that coming? The American Government refused to hold up its end of a bargain after it got what it wanted? That’s not the American Government that I grew up reading about in history class. Then again my public school didn’t have enough funds to give history to every student. So maybe this has happened before: Native Americans, Chile under Pinochet, Noriega in Panama, Iran Under Mohommad Mossadegh, and then again under the Shah, Afghanistan after the Russian Left, eventually the Libyan Rebels.

Bottom line there is little return on befriending America.

New York Times

Afghan President Karzai Climbs in His Half-Brother’s Grave

Some say he was heartbroken, others that it was Islamic tradition. I believe that if the bastard is anything like my half brother, he probably owes Karzai money or borrowed his iPod and never returned it. And then every time Karzai asked for it back he was like “What am I supposed  to listen to when I work out?” and Karzai was like “When was the last time your fat dead ass worked out?” to which he replied “I worked out your wife last night.” Finally, Karzai said “Which one? The fat one, she’s all yours.”

But seriously, I am sorry for his loss.

USA Today