Apple pulls out, spills it on EPEAT and the environment’s faces.

Apple decides to pull itself from the EPEAT registry as it’s latest designs cannot conform to eco-friendly certifications requirements. Essentially it is not very easy to recycle things with toxic components that are glued in place. As a result, several large corporations and government agencies may be unable to purchase these new products due to some guidelines that they have in place requiring the purchase of only EPEAT certified electronics.

Many have taken to the news by stating that they are going to boycott Apple products as they believe that Apple does not care about the environment. Personally, I believe that Apple does not design products with the environment in mind, user experience and style come first. If the designs are created and any eco friendly benefits are found after the fact, then marketing can do their thing and try to milk the “green” teat. It is a shame that a huge corporation would release a product that is vastly more difficult to recycle that its previous product with no reason. But i feel like they wanted to tick off a few feature boxes with their new models and they were just not able to do it without sacrificing the environment. It sucks, but that is our world where everyone wants the latest and greatest. I am going to go ahead and say that while many will be upset, it will not really effect Apple’s bottom line much. Not sure home many government agencies and corporations actually buy Apple products, but if they have in the past, Apple users tend to get hooked on the platform, and you might see these businesses relaxing there rules so that they can buy the stuff that their users ask for. I would not be surprised if Apple decided to leave off the Eco-friendly feature so that they can create a huge fiasco and then bring it back to next years products as a selling point.

Any corporation that takes the initiative to be more “green” should be admired and thanked. However, complaining about those that don’t seems like a losing battle. I’d advise that you speak with your wallets, but again, its like crackheads being upset that crack is not good for them and saying that they will most likely never buy crack again. I am always fascinated when people think that public corporations should completely ignore the bottom line in favor of doing something that is seen as morally right in their society. Public companies have to maximize profit for their shareholders, and only when the bottom line is in danger, or the shareholders revolt will a company change their tune.

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I think some have forgotten the meaning of this word, so I will just put this here.

In response the news that there is a new threat of attacks on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg had the following to say:

 “For ten years we have not allowed terrorists to intimidate us. … There is no reason for any of the rest of us to change our daily routines. Over the past ten years, [the NYPD] has helped thwart over a dozen potential attacks. The best thing we can do to fight terrorists is to refuse to be intimidated by it.”

However, it seems the mayor’s advice does not apply to his own city:

In New York, police commissioner Ray Kelly outlined a series of stepped-up security measures the NYPD would undertake, even beyond those already in progress in preparation for the tenth anniversary of Sept 11th [in response to the new threat].
“We will be holding personnel, holding our tours,” said Kelly. By adding four hours to those tours he effectively increased the amount of cops on duty by a third.
He indicated increased vehicle checkpoints would be in effect, and that more bomb dogs and radiation detectors would be in use. “The public is likely to see and maybe somewhat inconvenienced by vehicle check points at various locations throughout the city,” said Kelly.
There will be also be stepped up bag searches, towing of illegally parked cars and increased police presence on the ferries, Kelly said.

“We do live in a world where we must take these threats seriously and we certainly will,” said Bloomberg.

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