Guy Fawkes Revenge is Here!


The streets of London are in flames, people are being killed, and hordes of officers are being ordered to the street! Sound familiar? Well perhaps I am exaggerating the story here a bit – however there has been at least one shooting, some buildings were torched, and 10,000 police officers are being added to the streets to try and restore order. What a fascinating summer for London.




My House Runs on Cow Shit, Seriously.

My poo is your fuel

The emissions it takes to power the average house kills 300 polar bears a day. Ok, I made that up, but seriously there are negative effects to the emissions of burning the fossil fuels that power your iPad. That is why I choose to take advantage of a program that is offered by my local power company, that allows my house to run completely on renewable energy: solar, wind, and cow shit (don’t ask me how). The program only cost an extra penny per kilowatt, or about 10% of your previous bill. All the money you pay, not just the extra, is invested back into more renewable resources. For those of you that live in the Puget Sound Region you can join for only an extra 4 or 10  dollars a month, for those who don’t live in this area contact your energy supplier and ask for this type of program. Face it, someday energy has to be renewable.

Puget Sound Energy

Dow Jones Drops 4%

 The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 512.76 points, or 4.31%; or in other words fell more than it did back in 2008 when the worlds largest investment banks were on the brink of bankruptcy. This comes at somewhat of a surprise, considering the US government ended up not defaulting on its obligations and successfully raised the debt ceiling, averting a potential global financial disaster  (or so we thought). Is this the result of European currency concerns, lack of economic growth in the US and stagnate job creation, or was this just an anomaly in the markets? Only time will tell really. My money is this will rebound quickly (not literally my money though – I’m not that stupid).

Mein Principal

To the gas chamber with you, Screech.

I love when these tea party candidates open their mouths. Kim Simac (a Tea Party organizer) compared the public school system with the Nazi regime. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, including Kim, who is running for state senate in Wisconsin for the recall election of Jim Holperin. I’m a product of the public school system and I totally remember being packed on a bus, thrown in the locker room and was forced to be naked. Then, I would have to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and do athletic activities! Now that I think about it, it was nothing like Nazi Germany.

Huffington Post

Typos Be Damned

Ipad Price Mistake

Last Friday, July 15th a 3rd party seller in the Sears Marketplace put a sale price of $69.00 for the Apple iPad 2 (normally $499 just about everywhere else). This, as expected in today’s Apple obsessed society, created a storm of purchasers trying the get the coveted tablet at an incredible discount. This was of course, as any rational thinking person would think, a typo. As orders were being cancelled and people’s money began the refunding process – the outrage across the Internet started to unfold and continues today. What do I think? I think the people that complain about this  need to grow a brain and realize that when something seems too good to be true – it usually is.


Queer Politics from the Average American Male

Chad Kultgen

Chad Kultgen, author of the Average American Male, is quickly becoming my favorite living author. His first novel warmed my heart with its story of a young man’s quest to dump his fat girlfriend and hook up with a hottie. What follows is an excerpt from a final examination essay he wrote in college for Political Science 149:01, Lesbian and Gay Politics. Although, not enrolled in the class he thought it was funny to submit an exam, I agree. The full essay can be read on his Harper Collins website.

“Nonetheless, what we should really be focusing on here is all the torment and pain suffered through and overcome by the “Lesbian” and “Gay” community at-large. But before we do that, let’s get to the meat of the problem: Where did all the gay and lesbian “people” come from?   Now, I’ve heard all the same  have. Gay men are robots from a planet shaped like a penis. Lesbian women are lizards magically transformed by an evil magician into humanoid women whose tongues still crave the warm confines of dark crevasses. Still other theories state that gay men come from pudding while lesbian women are actually gay men who were born with female genitals as well as a healthy attraction for women. So, where does that leave us? Who knows, but I do know this: Gay and Lesbian rights are something that have been fought hard for over the years, and hopefully in the near future, they will be allowed to vote”

Chad Kultgen