Step Aside Show – Lots of Episodes

Step Aside


Episodes 99 – 104 of the Step Aside Show are now available. The episodes have actually been available for some time, just have not posted them here. If you want to listen before they show up in blog form, just subscribe in iTunes or watch the RSS feed.

Episode 99 – Generic Episode Number 99

Episode 100 – Clever Girls

Episode 101 – Empty Basement

Episode 102 – No BJs for Old Men

Episode 103 – Forgotten

Episode 104 – Lonely Basement Seeking Hot Attic

Step Aside Show – Batched Episodes 93-96

Step Aside


Episodes 93-96 of the Step Aside Show are now available. Since I’m super lazy, I’m posting them all in a single update. As for what each show includes, who the hell knows.

Episode 93 – You Suck at Powerpoint

Episode 94 – El Jefe no es Bueno

Episode 95 – Dick Don’t Care No More

Episode 96 – Not the Shittiest Thing on the Internet