Step Aside Show – Episode 10

Episode 10 is now available (the sequel to episode 9!) . We cover:

  • Recap State vs Free Market Capitalism
  • Meaningless Protesting on Wall Street
  • Palestine and the future of the Middle East
  • Paradise Now Review
  • NFL and Fantasy Football
  • Tech Talk – Apple vs the World
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5 Reasons You Should Listen to the Step Aside Show

5) We provide extremely obnoxious comments about real-world problems.

4) Basement Rob is a bad person.

3) Three quaters of the commentators for the Step Aside Show are better looking than Wolf Blitzer.

2) None of the commentators are fatter than Rush Limbaugh, yet.

1)  The Step Aside Show is the #1 scource for news on Michelle Bachman’s tit’s.


Step Aside Show – Episode 2

Episode 2 is now available. You thought things couldn’t get better from episode 1? Well be prepared to have your mind blown, socks rocked {insert other cliche}. Here is what was covered this week:

  • Recap of News of the World
  • Debt Ceiling Debate
  • War (Sebastian Junger) Book Review
  • Basement Rob rages
  • More random guy stuff