Fall of Society – Part II

Class warfare. First off, this is such a dramatic statement it makes me want to puke. The term “class warfare” makes me imagine scores of hobos wielding AK-47’s, breaking down the gates of the residents living in East Hampton, NY (come to think of it, this would make a fantastic movie). This does not happen, and its probability is very low; I mean, how the hell is a hobo going to get an AK-47?

Let us call it class inequality then. Class inequality, in essence, is a bitch. Some people, primarily at the higher/wealthier end of the class spectrum will try and tell you that this A) does not exist or B) only exists when liberal politicians try and raise taxes on the rich. I say Bullshit. It is very real, and the real problem is quite the opposite of the rich being “overtaxed”, but in fact too little income to the non-rich classes, also known as the middle and poor class.

The real question is, if it’s not a problem now, how much wider can the class gap get before it becomes a problem? Good question, I don’t really know the answer. We have already seen protests this year in Israel this year because of this very thing. I would say that the gap in this country still has some more growing to do before it gets to the levels of mass protest. However, I believe this can easily be avoided simply by closing tax loop holes, simplifying the tax code, and raising taxes on those who earn the most personal income.

Contrary to “Reagonomics”, money does NOT trickle down. If that were the case, nobody in the country would be rich. Money trickles upstream, and creates the rich. I’m not trying to complain about this fact or even say it’s a bad thing – because I do not believe it is. I believe free market capitalism inspires innovation, and those who innovate are properly rewarded (unless you end up in a patent battle – perhaps a post for another day). The rich have no doubt earned there money by being innovative and hardworking (for the most part anyway). All I’m saying is that they wouldn’t be in that position if it weren’t for the millions of people contributing to that wealth, that will never get the opportunity to partake in that lifestyle, and these are the people that suffer most under the current tax code.

So I’ve left you all wondering how this fits into the “Fall of Society”. Well, to that, I raise this question: How sustainable is the current model? The gap between the middle class and the rich class widens more and more every year creating a disconnect this country has never seen. It’s only a matter of time before we as a country hit the tipping point where too many middle class citizens feel they have become second rate citizens in this “free” country. Only time will tell.

Fall of Society – Part I

Greed. A lot of people claim “money is the root of all evil” (Note: this claim is a misquotation from the Bible – “love of money is the root of all evil” is the actual quote, which is basically where I’m going) Money itself is not evil. This premise would make Bill Gates and Warren Buffett the largest source of evil on the planet. (Microsoft Windows may be terrible, but this does not implicitly make Bill Gates evil)

The evil that is greed is not always related to money either. Greed for anything in excess will yield unfortunate results. A lot of politicians, domestic and foreign, spend there time and energy in growing their control, influence, and authority within the system. This type of greed is just as, if not more, dangerous than the greed for money.

The point I am trying to make here, is that greed is the ultimate killer of all nations, past and present. If you take a look at Dicks previous post about the United States moving more towards a Market-State and away from the Nation-State, you can see that the greed of corporations have already gotten a strong grip on the political influence in this country. This type of influence creates a wide social gap, primarily across the different income classes of society. And this type of inequality can only lead to unsustainable living standards for both the wealthy and the poor.

Step Aside Nation-State, Welcome the Market-State

Nation State: A construction of government that responds to the needs of citizens through voting and representation, the goal of which provides for the welfare of citizens by means of public goods, such as free education, universal franchise, and social security.

Market State: A government that is less influenced by representation and voting and more responsive to the needs of the market. The primary function of the market-state is to increase opportunities to its citizens by privatizing public goods.

If you have ever wondered what the future will be like, it will look like a market-state. For those  die-hard liberals who are saying “Oh no, we can’t let this happen”. It is too late the market-state is already here.

Phillip Bobbitt, prominent constitutional theorists, professor at Columbia University, and former Intelligence Counsel to President Clinton, is one of the leading scholars studying the emerging market state. Now, Bobbitt is not a right-wing big business-first pundit with a politcal agenda. Bobbitt claims that he is as nostalgic as anyone at the loss of the nation state, but as an academic his job is to study the past, explain the present, and infer the possible near future.  His study into the current state of the world comes from his award-winning book The Shield of Achilles. The thesis is that the time of the nation-state died with the end of the Long-war that stretched from the beginnings of the First World War and ended with fall of the Soviet Union. His books warns that the near future is not going to resemble the near past. Bobbitt delivers a series of well-rounded research topics on the state of the world economy, wars and other conflicts, as well as the relation of governments with their citizens. He combines history with law and politics seamlessly in a way that will teach you about the past, help you understand the present, and warn you about the future.

Fall of Society – Preface


If there is one thing in human history that cannot be disproved, it’s that every society, civilization, and government will falter. One would argue “but lots of governments are still around, like the US government!”. I say, so what? Give it time. Trust me, there is no light at the end of this tunnel. I’d also suggest to you try reading a history book, because the United States is relatively young compared to other countries.

In the next couple of weeks, months, and maybe years I will provide you with the proof that the inevitable has yet to come. That’s right, we are doomed for failure. By the way, when I say “we”, I am referring to the United States (if it wasn’t obvious).

You might be thinking “Steve, how is this any different than the scare tactics used by large media to suck people into hysterical fear and media obsession?” Easy, I’m telling you up front you have nothing to be afraid of. This transition can only help your status in life and in this world (unless of course you are one of the casualties – just kidding, sort of..) That is because the societal inequality in todays American culture is unsustainable. Stay tuned for part one, where I will explain the root cause.