Michele Bachmann’s Tits

Michele Bachmann has two things hanging from her chest that give her the edge needed in the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, boobs. If she were to win the nomination and the presidential race, she would be the first American President with chest cushions since William H. Taft. While Bachmann’s sweater kittens set her apart from the crowded republican front runners, she does not fully support  the intended utility of those tatas. Bachmann has come out against the First Lady Michele Obama’s initiative to encourage breast feeding infants. The First Lady believes children who suckle from mommy’s milk bags are healthier and happier. Bachmann believes this constitutes a “nanny state” and people should be free to poison their children with what ever store-bought milkshake they want. In this battle of the lady lumps  it is not the size of the tits that maters, but how you use them.


Five Hottest First Ladies in American History

5)Dolly Madison:

 Ok, I know it is sometimes hard to tell from those old cracked paintings but there’s more to hotness then looks. First, she has a stripper name. Second, she saved priceless artifacts from the White House when the British burned it down in 1812. Third, while she doesn’t seem like the kind of wife that puts out every night I am willing to bet, with an age gap of 17 years between her and the President, the times she did its hot, good, and dirty.

4)Hillary Clinton:

Hillary is a strong independent woman who while not lacking in the looks department tends to come off as a petulant bitch. However, when it truly counted she stood by her man through multiple scandals, hard times, and unfaithful affairs and that is fucking hot.

3)Harriet Lane:

 I know what you’re thinking. There was no President Lane, and you’re right because Harriet Lane was the niece of President James Buchanan, the only lifelong bachelor (possibly homosexual) President of the United States. Harriet was only 27 when she filed the role of First Lady and was described as outgoing with a full-bosom figure, a notably good dancer and entertainer, as well as a adamant supporter of her Uncle (possible the worst president the American People ever endured).

2)Michelle Obama:

Michelle is young for a first lady much like her young husband president, which makes here disproportionately hotter than other first ladies like Barbara and Laura Bush. The Obama’s are notoriously in a happily marriage, which leads me to believe that Michelle is as much of a rock star in bed as I presume Dolly was, combine this with her hot looks and Ms. Obama slams the number 2 slot in my top five.

1)Jackie Kennedy:

Jackie was, like Michelle, one of the younger first ladies of photographic era so she was a natural to make the list. However, her looks combine with her intelligence, poise, and loyalty to her man (the most notably adulterous of all American Presidents) ranks her at the top. Jackie made number one because she embodied all the hotness traits of the other four, she has Michelle’s looks, Dolly’s strength, Harriet’s sexual appetite, and Hillary’s loyalty.

(Honorable Mention)

Abigail Adams:

I know what you’re thinking another old bag in a cracked dusty painting, but after reading John Adam’s biography I have to say there is something about her. John Adam has himself described her as his most “dearest friend” throughout his life, to me as a husband that means one thing.

The US turns tables on Standards & Poor’s

The US Justice Department is investigating the credit rating agency Standards & Poor’s approval of the sub-prime mortgage market that led the US economy in to the recent recession. Although this investigation began before the company degraded the US Credit Rating, efforts for accountability are clearly being ramped up and publicized in the wake of this harmful blow to the US economy. The US Government is sending a clear message that says “Don’t mess with the bull, young man, you’ll get the horns.” It is not clear what if any ramifications the credit agency could from this investigation, but in a volatile economy this vengeful tic-for-tact game could end up being more harmful than simply learning some humility on the part of the government.

New York Times

Warren Buffett Says “Tax Me!”


Okay, not his exact words, but the general theme of his letter to the New York Times in Mondays paper. Buffetts Op-Ed, basically asks the United States to seriously look into changing the tax code so that the super rich pay its fair share in taxes. He uses some loose statistics that show tax rates (high or low) really have no correlation to investment capital or even job creation. The letter certainly took the Internet by storm, as all major news outlets had a lot to say about it yesterday and are continuing today. Check out some of the feedback below:

Actual Op-Ed posted on NYTimes

Wall Street Journal Blog Reaction

Politico on the Presidents Response

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire, and then back into the Frying Pan


 Just as economy seemed doomed once again there was rally following the Federal Reserve’s announcement to hold short-term interest rates low for the next two years. This seems to follow along with some of the predictions that we made in our most recent podcast, all the more reason you should only be getting you political and economic analysis from Step Aside.


Did the Economy just Double Dip?

"Just take one dip and end it!"








Late yesterday there were fears circulating that the economy would perform a double dip. So, I couldn’t help but make the Seinfeld reference. Seriously thought, a economic double dip is when one recession follows closely on the heels of the previous one. The last  occurred  in the US in 1980 and 1981, caused mostly by the debt and inflation crisis. Economist today are speculating both for and against the dreaded double dip.  Those against are citing the new job growth numbers, rising GDP, and the presidents intent on infrastructure investments. I would like to predict that there will not be a full-on double dip but rather a slight plateau, just until the European Economy is reinforced, followed gradual surge that will eventual lead to period of extreme growth.


All Politics Aside – Bloomberg is a Cool Dude


Thursday morning, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will announce a $127 million fund to help underprivileged city children with improved education and employement opportunities. A lot of critics will say that right now is not the best time to be spending money, especially since the city is in somewhat of an economic crisis already. Well, to the billionaire mayor that is not a problem since he will be putting up about $30 million of his own fortune. Hedge fund manager George Soros is also rumored to be matching Bloomberg’s contribution. All in all, any city wide project that can get half its funding from the private sector is usually a pretty good deal for everyone.



Smaller Government here we come, let’s start with the FAA

In the background noise of the budget and debt ceiling discussions, there has been another crisis that has gone unnoticed. For the last four years, Congress has failed to properly approve an operating budget for the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that is on the front lines of both the global economy and the global war on terror. As a result of this indecision recently, thousands of administration personnel have been furloughed, key infrastructure projects have been halted, and more tax payer dollars are being spent (not less) just to keep the agency operating at the bare minimum of safety. Conservatives and Tea Party activist often cite that the Founding Fathers never wanted their to be a big Federal Government, and while this is true their was also no such thing as an Airplane at the founding of this nation.  Government employees and agencies are not as expendable as we would like to think.


No Accountability


Speaker John Boehner and his aides have released a PowerPoint presentation describing the details of the proposed debt-ceiling bill. Front and center, on slide one, it reads: “Two-step approach to hold President Obama accountable.” Sorry, but the purpose of any bill should never be to hold a single person accountable. Is this not why we have 535 representatives between the House and Senate? All too often we hear things like “the president of the United States has too much power” – well this is why. It is because of games like this why the citizens of this country have no faith in their government.


Nobody Wins


What is this nonsense where a particular political party is “winning” a debate? How does one party even “win” a debate? Last I checked, you “win” a debate when a vote passes through both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and even then it’s not as much of a “win” as it is a poor compromise for both sides. This is exactly the problem with politics/media in this country today – the fact that our media polarizes and sensationalizes every single bit of every single topic worth reporting on (and a lot of stories not worth reporting on come to think of it). I can tell you one thing for sure – us, the citizens, are in no way, shape, or form winning.