Vaccinations + Idiots = “Vaccidiocy”


Holy shit, let’s just stop for a moment and come to the realization that it’s been almost one year since the last Step Aside post (363 days to be exact). It was a pretty easy hiatus in all honestly, because either A) no one reads this crap or B) if people do, they’re not letting us know.

Anyway, lets talk about the vaccidiocy that is currently plaguing our media, and is actually starting to take its toll on a very small portion of the American public. To fill you in, in case you have not heard by now, there has been a growing trend of idiot parents not vaccinating their children because they don’t trust the “science” of vaccines. These parents believe that vaccines to prevent some deadly diseases will actually harm their children with autism, or “mental retardation” if you are in fact a retarded former congresswoman from the state of Minnesota. In case you don’t know, there is not a single link between vaccines and autism – there just isn’t. Here are some articles explaining so:

Regardless, if you already do not trust the science, this certainly will not convince you otherwise, and I’m not here to try. Stupid people are stupid and cannot be fixed (kind of like Polio – if only it could be prevented though)

No, instead lets talk about the politics of this. Liberals defend the science and simply say parents should get their children vaccinated. Conservatives believe it is a parents right to not get their children vaccinated. Both sides are right here, though I think liberals have the populous edge here. This has the potential to be a big issue for politicians, not because it’s actually a big issue (relative to other issues like income inequality, war and taxes), but because it gets people so passionate that the media will run with it for as long as they can. Conservatives are making a big mistake in downright defending these morons, they really are. Instead, they should say something like “parents have the right to put their children in danger and other by not getting them vaccinated, and let the freedom of the rest of the country shun these idiots.” In other words, these kids should not be allowed in public school, let Disney ban these kids from their theme parks, let the airlines ban them from flying, even let your supermarkets ban them from entering. The point is, it really is not the governments job to prevent stupid people from doing stupid things, however we should be allowed to to eliminate stupid people from entering a society where they could cause harm.


Mission to Mars: NASA’s Craziest Maneuver to Date

amee red planet total bitch
I sure hope the new rover doesn’t encounter AMEE – no rover should be subjected to such a bad movie

This Sunday, the latest and greatest NASA Mars rover will attempt to land on the martian surface. This isn’t the first time NASA has sent a rover to the red planet, but it is the first time it will attempt a crazy-ass landing procedure that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. I recommend you watch this 5 minutes video and see the “Seven Minutes of Terror”. The video is unbelievably dramatic, particularly with its music selection. However it is still totally worth watching and seeing the latest Mission to Mars from Earth. Never before has the space agency had to rely on such a complicated landing procedure to explore Mars. And given all the steps involved on making a successful landing one can’t not think of something going terribly wrong.

By the way, how bad was Red Planet? And Mission to Mars for that matter. How has Hollywood not made a good movie about Mars? Email us at stepasideshow @ gmail . com and tell us which one is worse. I say Red Planet, mainly because of the hissing, bitchy robot above. But also because of country singing fool Val Kilmer.