My House Runs on Cow Shit, Seriously.

My poo is your fuel

The emissions it takes to power the average house kills 300 polar bears a day. Ok, I made that up, but seriously there are negative effects to the emissions of burning the fossil fuels that power your iPad. That is why I choose to take advantage of a program that is offered by my local power company, that allows my house to run completely on renewable energy: solar, wind, and cow shit (don’t ask me how). The program only cost an extra penny per kilowatt, or about 10% of your previous bill. All the money you pay, not just the extra, is invested back into more renewable resources. For those of you that live in the Puget Sound Region you can join for only an extra 4 or 10  dollars a month, for those who don’t live in this area contact your energy supplier and ask for this type of program. Face it, someday energy has to be renewable.

Puget Sound Energy

Is Your Data Safe in Court?

Data Vault
Source: TechCrunch

A Colorado court will soon determine whether requiring defendants to enter passwords for encrypted data is permissible in a court of law, possibly setting the precedent for years to come. Should you care? probably not, but a lot of people will.

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Basement Rob:
“I’d like to know the procedure for when I forget said password”