Crazy Political Agendas in the Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

French Flag

It’s been about three days since the ISIS attacks on Paris and the United States media is still buzzing from it. A lot of the noise is basic updates regarding the attack, like the number of assailants, how they were killed, where some of them were from, and updates on the number of casualties. However, 72 hours is an eternity with regard to turning the unfortunate events into clickbait articles for zealots, and I’d like to hit on some of those.

  1. Blame the refugees – At least one of the terrorists had a passport that is traceable back to the flow of immigrant refugees that entered Europe via Greece. As a result, some are calling for the immediate closing of all borders between the middle east and Europe; this would be a devastating blow to humanity though. Hundreds of thousands of people are living in far greater within the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world, including those living in France. And it is legitimate fear, considering hundreds of thousands have been killed already, a number that is likely to continue growing for the foreseeable future. Now don’t get me wrong, the influx of refugees from these regions is a risk on behalf of the countries allowing them in, but the humanitarian reward is far greater than the risk. Also keep in mind, the mastermind of the attacks is a European national, and all the other terrorists known have been French or Belgian nationals as well. This attack was not the result of overt terrorist refugees, and disallowing refugees from entering Europe is highly unlikely to stop the next attack. If I am certain of anything with regard to this global mess of shit, it is these two things:
    1. Every member of ISIS should be burned alive while being fed their genitals
    2. Anyone living under a constant threat from ISIS in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan should be provided safe haven somewhere around the world, because no one, *regardless of religion*, should have to live with that fear.
  2. Islam *is* ISIS – This is probably the most offensive sentiment to come forward from this disaster, and that is that all of Islam is equatable to ISIS. This is so far beyond insanity I don’t even know where to begin… so let’s start 1000 years ago when the Pope (yes, the leader of Catholicism) called on Christians to militarize and seize the holy lands from Muslims, killing everyone that stood in their way (including lots of Jews). Along the way, crusaders would recruit young men (14 – 16 year olds) with the promise that fighting for the pope would guarantee you forgiveness from all sins and entry into the promised land. Sounds familiar yet?? Yeah it was 1000 years ago so it’s hard to judge, right? Well keep in mind 1000 years from now, just like the little blip from 10th grade history class spent learning about the crusades is exactly what people will be learning regarding the events of today. So stop wasting your energy hating billions of people when it’s an unbelievably small subset of radicals that are the problem. Also keep in mind, no religion is without its radicals, from KKK God-fearing “Christians” all the way to racist Buddhist monks in Myanmar. More than anything, these events will be remembered for its hate and hate inspired killing, just like the crusades.
  3. Obama’s Fault – The attack on Paris is as much Obama’s fault as 9/11 was President Bush’s fault. Arguably even less for Obama since he’s not sworn an oath to protect the people of France. If you want to really start playing the blame game, let’s blame Bush for invading Iraq in the first place which is largely responsible for creating ISIS. Nah forget that, let’s go back further and blame Bill Clinton for upholding economic sanctions in Iraq and keeping military troops in Saudi Arabia, two of the main motives behind the 9/11 attacks. Nope, not far back enough, we need to blame Bush Senior for imposing the sanctions and placing troops in Saudi Arabia in the first place. Actually, let’s blame the Reagan administration for initially arming Al-Qaeda in an attempt to kill Russians near the end of the cold war and then abandoning them as soon as the Berlin wall fell. Fuck it, let’s also blame President Truman for being president when the first order of the United Nations was to essentially create an independent Israel, a major source of butt-hurt for these terrorist assholes.

By now, hopefully you’re thinking “OK Mr.Smart Guy, what’s the solution?”, to which I will reply “fuck if I know”. As I said above, the only things I am certain about is that I want to see all of ISIS executed and in the meantime refugees granted safe haven. There are lots of renewed talks of sending ground troops into Syria to flush them out, which on the surface sounds great, but it’s also the same strategy from 14 years ago the created this recent problem. If you flush them all out of Syria and Iraq, they’ll move to Yemen, or Libya, or Pakistan. And then the second the troops leave Iraq and Syria the terrorists move right back in as if they never left. It’s not as easy as just sending troops in. It’s always nice to think all problems have simple solutions, but the reality is complicated problems often have complicated solutions.

If anything, try and take a step back and look at the situation as objectively as possible. Then and only then will you be able to see through all the zealot-feeding political hate and bullshit.

Vaccinations + Idiots = “Vaccidiocy”


Holy shit, let’s just stop for a moment and come to the realization that it’s been almost one year since the last Step Aside post (363 days to be exact). It was a pretty easy hiatus in all honestly, because either A) no one reads this crap or B) if people do, they’re not letting us know.

Anyway, lets talk about the vaccidiocy that is currently plaguing our media, and is actually starting to take its toll on a very small portion of the American public. To fill you in, in case you have not heard by now, there has been a growing trend of idiot parents not vaccinating their children because they don’t trust the “science” of vaccines. These parents believe that vaccines to prevent some deadly diseases will actually harm their children with autism, or “mental retardation” if you are in fact a retarded former congresswoman from the state of Minnesota. In case you don’t know, there is not a single link between vaccines and autism – there just isn’t. Here are some articles explaining so:

Regardless, if you already do not trust the science, this certainly will not convince you otherwise, and I’m not here to try. Stupid people are stupid and cannot be fixed (kind of like Polio – if only it could be prevented though)

No, instead lets talk about the politics of this. Liberals defend the science and simply say parents should get their children vaccinated. Conservatives believe it is a parents right to not get their children vaccinated. Both sides are right here, though I think liberals have the populous edge here. This has the potential to be a big issue for politicians, not because it’s actually a big issue (relative to other issues like income inequality, war and taxes), but because it gets people so passionate that the media will run with it for as long as they can. Conservatives are making a big mistake in downright defending these morons, they really are. Instead, they should say something like “parents have the right to put their children in danger and other by not getting them vaccinated, and let the freedom of the rest of the country shun these idiots.” In other words, these kids should not be allowed in public school, let Disney ban these kids from their theme parks, let the airlines ban them from flying, even let your supermarkets ban them from entering. The point is, it really is not the governments job to prevent stupid people from doing stupid things, however we should be allowed to to eliminate stupid people from entering a society where they could cause harm.


Coca-Cola Sparked Hatred to Sell Sugar Water

Muy Bien
Muy Bien

Have you seen any of the aftermath for what seemed like a harmless Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial? The one where a diverse group of people sing America the Beautiful in different languages? Oh, it also supposedly featured the first gay couple in a Super Bowl ad spot? Yeah that’s the one. Have you seen the uproar? Where do we even begin..

First, the emphasis on language is just tiresome. People are offended that a patriotic-American song is being sung in different languages. If anything, this should be taken as a complement to America, not an insult. America should be thought of as a place to be desired by all peoples of all races and cultures. If the offended love America so much, what’s wrong with others envying what you love so much?

Also on the subject of language, keep in mind words and speech are entirely arbitrary. They are made up sounds engineered by human beings that evolve over time into chaotic structures that try and make sense of our surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, communication is important, but not nearly as important as the underlying message for what these words represent: beauty, love, anger, triumph; it is all the same regardless of language.

Former Congressman Allen West says this kind of commercial balkanizes the United States instead of unifying it. I can say with 100% certainty that he is wrong; it is people like Mr. West balkanizing the United States by saying things like this. Mr. West is (sadly) a powerful influence to his many followers, and by saying stuff like this he is now a proponent of dividing people. Had he just accepted the commercial, or said nothing about it, West would have done a far greater service to the effort of unifying people. Instead, West further pushes the intolerance envelope by enlarging what should not have been a non-issue in the first place.

With regard to the gay couple in the ad, I know there is nothing I can say to make the offended care less about this. Though, I will point out the woman who wrote the song America the Beautiful more than 100 years ago, Katherin Lee Bates, was very likely a lesbian herself. She lived with the same woman for more than 25 years. Of course, this may just make the offended hate the song now, so what’s the use?

Why hate this commercial for political reasons, or at all for that matter? It’s a Coca-Cola commercial, not a government/Obama/political commercial. It’s a multinational corporation selling you sugar water. It’s not a spark for a debate on immigration reform. It is nothing but an advertisement. How do non-English speaking people really affect your lives? How do gay people really affect your lives? These things likely have no impact on your day to day life, so why muster the energy to hate on these things? Because it’s easy to hate?

What I really want to say is just live and let live you crazy fucks. Or, to put it more eloquently than I ever could, I will let the late Roger Ebert take it away:

I believe that if, at the end, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and something to make ourselves a little happier, that is about the best we can do. To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances.

Michael Grimm – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Just expressing my first amendment rights when I say this guy is purely made from dicks and assholes
Just expressing my first amendment rights when I speculate this guy is purely made from dicks and assholes

I am unfortunate enough to have once been considered one of this clown’s constituents. Even before Grimm made any one of his public gaffes, I had problems with the guy and his office. I had been the victim of senseless abuse by the US Department of State while applying for a passport. A small percentage of US citizens who apply for passports are subjected to an excess of information gathering by the US State Department. The departments passport office asks for an entire life history, down to where you were baptized (not a joke, they actually asked that question). There are a couple of sites that claim this procedure is highly illegal by the government, and even a scant few congressmen have questioned the department about the practices. When I asked my congressman’s office what the hell it was all about and why I had to do it, all I was told was that it’s because I had moved within the last two years. Apparently, changing your place of residence is synonymous with being a terrorist threat. The point is, I went to my congressman with what was a very obvious misuse of government power, and not only did his office not do anything, they did not even care.

Fast forward to 2014, and this clown has done it all. Let’s break down the timeline:

January 2012 – Rabbi arrested for shady campaign finances for Grimm’s 2010 run for congress

June 2012 – Grimm “threatens” democrat Steve Israel with a butter knife.

August 2012Grimm allegedly took an unplanned trip to Cyprus full of drinking and skinny dipping. It wouldn’t have been a huge deal had it not been for the fact the the trip was allegedly funded by possible campaign funds, for which a campaign adviser was later arrested.

October 2013Grimm allegedly bangs a chick in a public restroom at a wine bar in Brooklyn. This is by far the most disturbing point to me, not necessarily because of his actions, but because it happened in a wine bar that I used to go to and loved. It’s a tiny place with a small bathroom. I hate this guy.

January 2014Grimm is investigated for fraudulent campaign finances dating back to 2010.

January 2014 – Grimm threatens to “break” reporter for asking a question about campaign finance investigation. The “apology” video in this link is particularly appalling, as he talks about fighting hard for his constituents. Bullshit, read the first paragraph congressman.

It’s all just wonderful because the guy has not served two full terms yet. Just imagine the career this guy is going to have, and all the crazy shit that will continue to be reported about him. And if you think any of this would impact his chances for re-election, think again. The majority of his constituents come from a little place called Staten Island – the only place stupid enough to re-elect this asshole.

Selfless Promotion for New Product I Made

Use it because I want you to
Use it because I want you to

So this is totally unrelated to anything ever posted on the Step Aside bog, but I would like to take the next couple of sentences to introduce you to Proceemo. Proceemo is a free service that lets you “watch” items on Amazon, and notifies you when the price of that item has dropped. In case you have not noticed, prices on Amazon fluctuate often because of third party sellers, Amazon inventory, etc. Proceemo offers users a simple and free way to get notified via email when something you want has lowered its price. It’s simple, and did I mention its free?


Composing Emails for Efficiency


(I originally posted this article on Medium on Jan 14, 2014)

Email is a touchy subject for a lot of people. How to organize email for efficiency, for instance, is a much debated topic. The zero-inbox method is perhaps the most popular organizational method. Others will insist on labels and folders and forwarding and archiving and blah and blah blah; I don’t actually care. My email is organized into a single folder with two categories: read and unread. You can feel free to comment about how I am wrong about this, but I have been doing it this way for 20 years, and I’m pretty damn good about keeping up with it.

Furthermore, a lot of people complain about the amount of email they get, that they don’t have enough time to process it all. I’ve a suggestion for you people: UNSUBSCRIBE. If you are receiving more email than can be processed, then you are just wasting precious bandwidth. In fact, this is a classic networking problem: if the processing rate of a given stream is larger than the incoming rate — the solution is to slow down the publisher or the result will be message loss. For example, with TCP, it is the receiving side’s job to throttle the sender. In other words, stop subscribing to things you are not going to read! (I told you this was a touchy subject)

Anyway, I actually come to you today to discuss the content of emails for ultimate efficiency. I happen to work in a job where the major importance for me is emailing customers on how to use and diagnose a highly technical product. For the most part, the people I am emailing are intelligent tech people, however their soft skills leave a lot of room for improvement. Often times, I need to find out a lot of information from a customer to better serve them. After I carefully explain each item of information that I am requesting and why I am requesting it, I often find that the customer will only respond to the first or second question, and ignore the rest of my email that I worked so hard on composing. So here is my first suggestion:

1. Use numbered lists

Numbered lists are a great way to let people know that I want you to look at each number very carefully. When executed properly, the customer will answer the questions inline which just makes me jump for joy. Sometimes, for the very difficult customers, I will put instructions at the top of the email like “Please answer every one of the questions below”. Even with these explicit instructions, I get a few outliers who ignore items. These people cannot be helped, and you will be wondering forever how they retain employment.

Moving on. Like I said, I work with a highly technical product with smart customers. This means that I have to be halfway intelligent myself, otherwise I would not be able to help them. That being said, save the pissing matches for another day. Email is not the time nor the place to prove you are smarter than the other guy, and this brings me to point 2:

2. Be short and direct with information

When you add content for the sole purpose of trying to sound smart, you look like an asshole. Don’t try and blow peoples minds with information they don’t need to know. Get to the point, and get to it fast with clarity.

Finally, how to deal with rude people. You’ve all gotten rude email before, and you always spend extra time thinking about how to respond to it. Rude email is typically not something you should get too concerned over, in my opinion. People act tougher and meaner via email because they’re not looking directly at you. Email is so impersonal that is easy for anyone to be rude. I have two methods for dealing with rude emails:

3a: Be apologetic and shower with kindness.

This passive-aggressive technique is beautifully simplistic, and is a seriously high form of trolling. My wife works in an email-based profession, and this is her technique for dealing with rude people. While I seriously admire the usage of this technique, I tend to avoid it. Instead, I go with:

3b: Be shorter and ruder than them.

This leaves the possibility for two outcomes, 1) They get the point and cool off or 2) the issue escalates to a more serious form of communication, like a conference call. Sometimes, two people are not compatible for email and the only options are to either never communicate or get on the phone. I like getting on the phone, because it’s usually much faster to get to a point and because people are typically much nicer over the phone (again, there are outliers to this rule — some people are just inherently assholes).

Good luck and happy emailing.

Chris Kluwe is Right About Equality; Wrong About the NFL

A man for the people – except football people

Chris Kluwe is the former punter of the Minnesota Vikings. During his tenure with the team, from 2005 to 2012, Kluwe holds a number of records for the organization. Later in that tenure, Kluwe became quite vocal about supporting gay marriage – and in awesome fashion. Kluwe wrote an open letter on Deadspin where he told a state delegate from Maryland that married gay people “won’t magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster.”  Unfortunately, his efforts got him release (fired) from the team.

Kluwe reveals in an open letter that he believes he was released from the Vikings for having an open and opinionated view of gay marriage, poking fun at state senators in the process. The Vikings on the other hand claim he was release because of his lack of performance compared to other punters. Kluwe goes on and claims his supervisors were either bigots (for hating on gay lifestyles) or cowards (for not having stuck up for him). I’ll wholeheartedly agree with him on the bigot statement; he claims his special teams coach Mike Priefer at one point during the 2012 season said, “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows.”  But I’m not so sure I can agree with him on the coward statement.

Kluwe works in a high profile type industry, where PR rules the land. The NFL has an “image” of itself that it will protect as best it can, and Kluwe’s opinions and methods for demonstrating those opinions strayed from this image. From the NFL’s perspective, I don’t believe it is a story about whether gay people have the right to marry one another; it’s about not talking about politically controversial things that stray from the game itself. Hell, the NFL does not even like talking about the game itself in some aspects, like the correlation between playing in the NFL and permanent brain injuries. Yet Chris Kluwe acts surprised that he was released, and never picked back up by another NFL team?

Kluwe may think he was blacklisted by the Minnesota Vikings, but I actually doubt that he was. Kluwe blacklisted himself for speaking out and compromising the NFL image. And the people Kluwe labeled as “cowards” were possibly looking out for him, but mostly looking out for themselves. His supervisors are just as (if not more) responsible for keeping the image of the NFL. It’s not a moral responsibility, rather, it is what the coaches are paid to do. It may be a sad reality, but that is the reality of business in America.

Bringing Out the Worst in People

Bad journalism makes Keanu sas
Annoying stories make Keanu sad

By now, you have heard all over your Facebook news feed that some guy on a show you may or may not watch said some stuff which may or may not be offensive depending on your level of sensitivity. If you have not seen it on your Facebook news feed, than you have seen it on Fox News, CNN, the Daily Show, Twitter, where ever – it cannot be avoided at this point. The story is such a “powerful” story because it releases opinions like no other.

The thing of it is, it’s not really a good story. Its “power” lies in the fact that it makes people feel emotional either for or against this guy. But it’s not mind blowing, it is not going to change anyone’s opinions about people, it is not going to bring people together; only the opposite if anything. There is no learning moment to be had, no epiphany of such. It has nothing to do with the constitution, no matter how many times pundits quote it. It doesn’t make the person who made the statement a bad person, and it doesn’t make the company that might fire him a bad company. It is nothing, yet it is so big, right now.

In two months time, it will be forgotten. And the wounds opened with friends and loved one will be for nothing.

Ban SantaCon? Quit Being a Little Bitch

Slutty Santa's? Slutty Santa's
Slutty Santas?? Slutty Santas.

A lot of hate out there this year towards Jolly Saint Nick. First, Fox News’s never-ending “War on Christmas” continues as strong as ever, fighting those who express their subjective aesthetic views of the pudgy gift giver. Fox pundits are basically saying Santa Claus is white, there is no debate. Jon Stewart summed up the whole ordeal quite nicely, noting that the actual Saint Nicholas was practically black himself. Actually, the best part of the segment was when one of the guests said something along the line of “people are bending facts to make a political point”; because Fox News would never do such a thing. But I digress.

Today in a New York Times op-ed, Mr. Jason Gilbert of Yahoo News posted that there should be a ban on a drunken tradition consisting of poorly thrown together Santa costumes, alcohol, and young adults bar hopping from Midtown to the East Village in Manhattan for an event known as “SantaCon”. SantaCon is not something I have ever participated in, but I fail to see how this arbitrary tradition is any different than a number of other New York City traditions like the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Halloween in the village, or hell, even the Mermaid Parade where topless woman flood the streets to mark the beginning of summer. Alcohol is as involved in those events just like SantaCon – why don’t we just ban them as well? Traffic congestion is a bullshit reason to put an end to it, because congestion is every weekend in the city for some neighborhood or another. And stop with the bullshit excuse of “[…] neighborhood of kids having to watch simulacra of beloved childhood figures stumbling around”. You chose to live in New York City and raise a family there, that is just how your life is going to be. It is really hard to shield your kids from the ridiculousness of the world, and it is even harder when living in New York City. Either explain to your kids that growing up sometimes make you do strange things, or move out.

Put your life in perspective; if one day of drunken Santa Claus’s are the worst thing to happen to you in the month of December, consider yourself pretty fucking lucky.

Step Aside Show – Lots of Episodes

Step Aside


Episodes 99 – 104 of the Step Aside Show are now available. The episodes have actually been available for some time, just have not posted them here. If you want to listen before they show up in blog form, just subscribe in iTunes or watch the RSS feed.

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